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  Summer News: 2014

Thru our efforts under Wild Fire Technologies, we have achieved significant results.

In conjunction with outside Partners we have formed and filed a new LLC:

Andromeda Technologies Group LLC

ATG is a holding company for (4) New IP based technologies and the related devices.

These IP's fall into the following fields of use:

First - pain reduction and accelerated wound healing thru specific pulsed electrical fields.
2nd - Accelerated Fat reduction using both heat and pulsed electrical fields.
3rd - Specific for skin cancer - in particular Melanoma.
4th - Specific for internal cancers at their earliest stages.

All of these IP's are either filed or in the process of being filed.

Most are now being marketed for Partners and we expect results shortly.

Fall News: 2013

Remembering where you came from--

The biggest problem in getting started in experimental physics in any field is getting the right equipment.

In today's world it's a lot easier then 40 years ago  --  but the projects are a lot more complex.

So Andromeda has decided to start a line of very low cost equipment to help the Amateur Scientist*
in their research and we have a New branch : Wild Fire Technologies!

The Purpose of the Wild Fire Group is to provide basic technology in compact - easy to use and
most importantly  ---  low cost platforms.

To reach out to our brothers and sisters in the trenches, we are making the systems available
thru eBay and offering basic platforms in capacitor and laser assemblies.

The areas of research that we are most interested in is EMP Tesla - coil and rail technology.

The objective of the Wild Fire group is very simple:
"to assist - develop - promote new technologies from the basement up"

* C. L. Stong/ Projects for the Amateur Scientist  --  The Classic!

Summer News: 2013

Compact, Portable but with a Big Bag of tricks!

Andromeda Laser starts the release of the fully portable TR Laser Series with the TRX Family!

Based on the foundation US Patent for most Andromeda laser technology, #4,201,953
the TRX is a true flashback going back 33 years but with All the 21st Century Good Stuff!

The TDX is a multi-wavelength laser system designed to operate across a wide spectrum 
ranging from the long wave bands of CO2 into the short Ultra-violet bands of Nitrogen.

 Front_OCb-x  The TRX is a compact - hand-held pulsed TEA laser that utilizes the 
   True capacitor/ core roll-up design that made the Andromeda design famous.    
   With fully matched capacitor/ electrode and spark-gap circuitry
   The electrical pump pulse width is determined by the gas mix.

   And of course the Big Boy on the block takes it all--
   Compressional - rotational magnetic fields produced thru the roll-up
   capacitor design not only aid in ignition but add to the plasma mix
   and overall input pump energies.

   Specific line pumping is available thru physical capacitor parameters.  

SideShotb-x   The TRX follows the original design with fully independent component design.

   The Control Module which contains the High Voltage power supply and operating
   controls along with all FDA/ CDRH Class 4 instrumentation is a separate unit.

   The Laser Core/ Plasma Module is a separate - complete unit.

   This provides for full interchangeability of the plasma core for replacement
   or to switch to a fully different and independent energy wavelength system. 

   Most importantly - energy output scales vertically in magnitudes as
   plasma pump densities go up along with increased Z pinch and efficiencies.

Next up is the TRX Series 1000 with dramatically increased pulse power and speed.

The Series 1000 is the in-between step between Experimenter and TR full coating strip systems.

Completely portable and using uncoated optics, this system produces power in the 75 - 150 watt/ second range.   

Spring News: 2013

Going Clean & Green

Andromeda Laser is re-introducing an old favorite at a rock bottom cost that will strip paint, graffiti 
and do general cleanup at a cost comparable to a daily rental on a minivan.

The 'Mini' is a smaller version of the TR laser and is specifically designed for fully portable operation
 and is easily transported from site to site in a small van to make the widest use of different applications.porcelain
  These images show magic marker on the left and 3-4 coatings
  of black lacquer paint on the right.

  The right image is ceramic tile and the left is porcelain tile. 

  The TR laser removed the coatings with a single pulse,  normal operation is 20- 25 pulses/ second. 

There is an every growing market for systems that can clean up and restore buildings and artifacts.

This is not limited to graffiti but also includes age related weathering of stone & metals from urban pollution.

Lasers have been the preferred method and used extensively for decades but cost has always been an issue. 

Andromeda  now offers the 'Mini' and the TR lasers at low monthly rentals.  

[For the more technical minded, our Coatings section provides the basic nuts & bolts of our stripping processes.]

Go Green!

Save a tree or better yet save that antique furniture or historical site
by using a TR System to strip off old coatings 100% clean & green.
Pictured here is a heavy varnish coating on old furniture.

       The single laser pulse has completely removed the varnish.


       Absolutely no chemical contamination of the wood under-layer. 

      The wood is not 'charred' exposed color is the uncoated natural wood. 

Another big plus for using the TR System is the 
ability of the laser beam to strip curved surfaces.

Little nooks and crannies that are difficult to strip 
with chemical methods are a snap for the laser.

Laser light gets into small seams where strippers are 
difficult to work into and very difficult to remove, 
usually leaving a pocket of chemical waste.

Multiple laser pulses do not burn into the wood 
once the coating is removed, the laser process stops.

And it's fast  -  no damage and no chemicals!  


We are continuing our testing of various coatings with the same layer-by-layer 
strip action that we get on the aircraft coating samples that we have tested in the past.


             Strip to the primer                                                                                Strip to the metal


Summer News: 2012

Our LPS laser system for paint removal has moved into 
pre-release and has been re-named the TR Series.

While we will be releasing actual sample runs shortly, here are some data:
  > initial composite + polyurethane strip rates @ 100 ft^/ hr - 10 m^/ hr
  > Basic TR Laser System is rated @ 300 > 500 watt/ second, TEA CO2
  > 12 Joule/ pulse energy @ 30-60 Pulses/ second
  > very compact & lightweight - laser system is ideal for robot apps
  > designed for on-site core exchange  -  available as short - low cost lease

Spring News: 2012

> Watch for our Performance Standards coming this Summer for High Speed Paint Stripping!

Andromeda Laser is in the last run of Performance Standards for our LPS Paint stripping lasers systems.

Watch for our release of the  parameters and testing results later this Summer.  

For a quick summary visit our Coating section under the Industries tab for more info.

For all of our old friends in switchgear testing, we have upped the ante on HV triggering
with our newly re-configured high end SLT Series.  With a smaller package, higher peak voltage break-over, 
these SLT's put 100+ KVDC testing in your Lab at an affordable cost.  

Winter News: 2012

With a new start to a new year, Andromeda Laser has been busy testing our 
de-painting process on samples submitted from different sources.  
So far our testing of (2) and (3) layer coatings has been successful on a first pass basis.  
Visit our Coating section under the Industries tab learn more!

Fall News:  2011

Paint Stripping -  Andromeda Laser goes Green with Laser based paint stripping.

Laser paint removal is simple & 100% Clean Green technology with serious advantages.

Based on over 30 years experience building TEA CO2 lasers (the preferred laser type),
Andromeda Laser has begun serious testing with immediate results.

De-laminating the coatings:Clean_Primer

Ever think about how nice it would be to remove
the poly-urethane & color layers together?

Leave the primer as 'new' and ready to paint?

Not an 'edge' process - but a usable - simple
process with realistic operating parameters?

Have clearly defined edges that you can feather
down to the metal with the same laser?

How about a choice between handheld
& full robotic paint removal process?

Stop by the Coating section under the 
Industries tab learn more!

Summer News: 2011
Andromeda Laser is celebrating our 35th year in the Photonics Industry with the release,
the all New SL Laser Series based on our basic high-power work horse lasers.

Fully re-designed and up-dated for the New Century, the SL Lasers produce maximum power 
in a compact package at down-to-earth pricing.  

The SL Family finds applications in new fields such as surface hardening, high voltage triggers and paint stripping.

Visit our Laser Triggers section to learn how we trigger    
Marx & Synthetic injection circuits with mini-lightning bolts.  

With SF6 banned as an insulator gas especially in the Far East, 
high voltage vacuum switchgear is becoming the norm.  

For almost 25 years, our Lasers have been used to precisely 
trigger the testing of HV vacuum breaker systems.
Very fast and reliable, the laser pulses generate air plasma 
discharges that breakdown the gas dielectric between the electrodes.  
No SF6 or dangerous by-products to deal with, just target the laser 
between the electrodes and you're good.                                         

                                                                                                         Plasma generated in front of 6" sphere


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